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Building the LEPCLT Website

We love working with local community organisations here in West Cornwall. It really makes us feel like we’re part of the community and there are some amazing projects in the area.

When we were approached by the Land’s End Peninsula Community Land Trust (LEPCLT) earlier this year, we jumped at the chance to help them with their website build.

The Goal

The LEPCLT was established in 2010 and has been doing some amazing work in the community, including providing affordable housing in Pendeen and building a skate park in a corner of the St Just recreation ground. These are projects which have truly benefited the local community. It was suggested to them that they needed a website to act as a central point for providing information about their projects.

That’s where we came in!

The goal was to create a website which:

  • Gives background information about what the LEPCLT is
  • A dedicated page for each project
  • A way for interested people to contact the Trust

The Process

The LEPCLT committee were amazing at getting all the content over to us at the very start of the project, which meant that we had the majority of what we needed at our fingertips.

We began by putting together a proposed home page layout, which we signed off with the committee before continuing to build the rest of the pages on the site.

One of the things that we are keen on here at Webfooted Designs is to keep a website as simple as possible and make it super easy for visitors to find their way around the site. With this in mind, we recommended that instead of having all the “about us” information on the home page as has been originally requested, that we add a brief intro to the home page and link through to a dedicated page with all the details laid out in an easily scannable way.

About Us

This allowed us to include a section on the home page highlighting the current projects so that visitors could find their way easily to this important information.


And a Call To Action to encourage visitors to show their support by becoming a member.

Call To Action

We also suggested that instead of having each project as a top level menu item, that they have “Projects” as the top level with each project page listed in the dropdown. This helps future-proof the site as any new project pages can be added to the dropdown without the list of pages in the menu becoming overwhelming.

The Result

LEPCLT Home Page

We’re very pleased with what has resulted in a very simple but hopefully effective website for the LEPCLT. As with all the websites we build, they can continue to develop it as the work of the Trust progresses – adding in new project pages and new features as needed. For us this approach is the absolute best way to get started with your website.

We are continuing to support the LEPCLT by providing website management, which includes web hosting, looking after the domain name and keeping WordPress updated and running smoothly.

You can view the full website here:

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