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Striking a Chord: How Webfooted Design Scored Happy Willow Studio New Business

“I’ve picked up two new students already; it’s a great start”

Isabel Meltzer, Isabel Meltzer

Happy Willow Studio is a new art and music space, set in the heart of Cornwall. Creating a cozy, relaxed environment, Issy and her partner, James have set out to build a unique space where students can grow and flourish.

The studio offers a mix of one-to-one music lessons and a range of vibrant art workshops, catering to a diverse age range, from young children to adults.

The Studio

The problem: finding an affordable and understanding web designer

Building a digital presence to reflect both aspects of their work soon became vital. It was clear
Happy Willow Studio needed to grow.

Working with a business and marketing consultant from Outset Cornwall, Issy was encouraged to consider creating a website. Without a website, Happy Willow Studio would be relying on social media alone to attract new clients.

However, Issy soon encountered difficulty finding a budget-friendly and sympathetic web designer she felt understood her needs.

“I found that sometimes I talked to other people and got quite deep into a conversation and then
realized at the end of it that it just wasn’t affordable.”

“Other designers gave me quotes that didn’t match what I was earning in the business; it was
just unrealistic,”
Issy recalls.

Finally, Issy spoke with Emily Tarrant of Webfooted Designs.

Issy and James

The solution: honest approach and clear communication deliver success

“Clair, our business and marketing consultant (ClairWN Business & Marketing recommended Emily and Webfooted Designs. She said Emily is great at supporting small businesses. She’s passionate about helping female-led businesses and people in creative industries.” recounts Issy.

The project kicked off around Easter 2023, marked by working together step by step.

Emily’s patient, supportive, and professional demeanor made the web design journey enjoyable.

“She’d nudge me to finish things, and she was really good at helping drive things forward,” Issy adds.

Happy Willow Studio Website

The result: 2 x new long-term students in 2 months

The website, much like a well-composed melody, went live in December 2023. Its impact was soon felt, with new students discovering Happy Willow Studio through the contact page.

“I’ve picked up two new students already; it’s a great start,” Issy happily reports.

Confidence to edit text and change pictures

Emily’s involvement didn’t end with the website launch. She continues to manage the site, offering tutorial videos for Issy to make minor edits.

“I feel confident that I can edit text and change pictures,” Issy states, highlighting the ongoing support.

“Friendly, helpful, supportive, patient, and professional”

Reflecting on the journey, Issy wholeheartedly recommends Emily and Webfooted Design.

Happy Willow Studio’s success story is more than a website; it’s a symphony of collaboration, growth, and the joy of striking the right chord with Webfooted Designs.

View the Happy Willow Studio website >

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