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We’re Moving!

Well, we’re having an exciting time of it at the moment. As of 1 April we are the proud tenants of some new office space in St Just and are in the process of relocating.

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last year. Working from home on and off has reminded us how much we enjoy being part of the St Just community. And the idea of being able to walk to work is hugely enticing.

I casually mentioned this to a friend last year, who mentioned it to someone she knew who was setting up an office, who then mentioned it to our new landlords who got in touch to say they might have something coming up. And here we are! If that’s not the St Just community in action, I don’t know what is.

We’ve had a lovely 10 (almost 11) years at Trereife Park Offices but now very much feels like the time for a change.

So … if you are an existing client you can expect to hear from us shortly to give you our new contact details. We’re in the process of getting our new phone line set up, so please bear with us while we get the new number sorted. Meanwhile, you can continue to contact us on

I can’t wait to get all our kit set up and begin working from Webfooted’s new HQ!

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