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What WordPress is and why we use it

You’ll find that we often mention WordPress when talking about the services that we offer. WordPress is a content management system, which means that it is software used to create and maintain websites.

When building a website for you, we first install WordPress on your web hosting account. This then provides us with a password-protected admin area for your website where we can add in your content and any features that you need for your website. And once your website is launched we will give you your own login to the site so that you can update the content yourself if you wish to do so.

WordPress is an amazing tool which is hugely popular with web designers and website owners alike.

Why we love WordPress

  • It comes with a great set of features out of the box – pages, posts (for blogging), custom menus, widgets etc
  • It can be extended to create whatever type of website you need – for example, with the WooCommerce plugin you can have a fully-featured ecommerce shopping cart
  • The theming, which controls the look of the site, is extremely adaptable so that we can create a site which looks exactly how you want it to
  • Out of the various content management systems we’ve tried in our time, our clients have found WordPress to be the easiest to use
  • WordPress is actively developed, so it just keeps getting better and better

Will my website look like a generic WordPress site?

One of the questions we’re often asked when talking about using WordPress to build a website for a client is, “will my website look like every other WordPress site?”. The answer to this is a resounding no. We can use an off-the-peg WordPress theme as the basis of the look of your website or we can create your very own bespoke theme. If you opt for our bespoke design service we will create a design for your website specifically for you and build a bespoke WordPress theme using this, so your website will have a look and feel designed specifically for your business.

Contact us if you would like help setting up a WordPress website or need help with an existing WordPress site >

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